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Achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Buy Achieve® for Yourself

The wait is over… Achieve® is here! The first ever real food, convenient, meal replacement option in bariatric surgery and medically supervised weight loss. No more sweet, junk food flavored shakes or glorified granola bars. Are you ready to Achieve® your goals?

Our chefs and doctors have worked diligently to bring together real, organic fruits and vegetables in a convenient pouch. Achieve® makes it easy for you to enjoy the protein, vitamins and minerals you need before and after weight loss surgery. It’s also ideal to incorporate into your new lifestyle after recovery for optimal health.

All flavors of Achieve®:

  • contain real, organic fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, carrots, and pears
  • provide 20 grams of protein and 160 calories in each pouch
  • can be consumed at room temperature or refrigerated
  • are ready to eat immediately and also have a long shelf life
  • are a real food option that taste and nourish the body better than the synthetic powdered drinks and protein bars on the market
  • will assist in curbing your cravings for junk food and encourage an improved overall diet
  • are portable, great-tasting and bursting with nutrition

Be on the lookout — new and exciting flavors will be added to the Achieve® line to fit everyone's tastes!