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Buy Achieve® for Your Practice

Achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Buy Achieve® for Your Practice

Rational Foods is pleased to offer Achieve® to healthcare providers of all types. Your bariatric and medically-supervised weight loss patients can begin the road to recovery in a new, delicious and nutritious way.

Provider Benefits:

  • We offer simple agreements to healthcare providers to facilitate easy access to better, more convenient, organic nutrition.
  • Providers can sell Achieve® via on-site retail or ecommerce for greater patient convenience.
  • Achieve® offers distinct nutritional and convenience benefits to patients long after post-op, allowing for a continued partnership after patients leave your facilities.
  • The long-term shelf life of Achieve® allows for bulk ordering and long-term storage options for both providers and patients.

Choose your practice type below to offer Achieve® to your patients.

For Providers With On-Site Retail:

  • Easily fulfill your orders online at set prices with no minimum annual volume — order when you need it!
  • Get bulk case shipments sent directly to you.
  • Receive electronic invoicing.

For Providers Without On-Site Retail Seeking Ecommerce Direct to Patients:

  • Give your patients unique codes that allow them to buy Achieve® at a predetermined discount set for your clinic.
  • Enjoy a partnership opportunity with Rational Foods.
  • Receive the option to use this agreement in conjunction with the wholesale agreement to maximize reach — product is shipped directly to the consumer by Rational Foods.


Recommend Achieve® to your patients and offer them a discount code by becoming an Achieve® Ambassador.